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Welcome to Lithic Fire. If you like outdoor living, especially cooking, let us introduce you to our world.

You know that you want something different from a barbecue; maybe you’d like to experience food and warmth in a simple primitive way as our ancestors did thousands of years ago? In modern times many people feel they have become detached from nature with conveniences like gas and electric powered cooking. Cooking on a firepit brings back some of the pleasures long shared by ancient peoples, and appeals to the inner hunter-gatherer. Many chefs now appreciate the variety of recipes that can be prepared on a simple grill over a natural wood or charcoal heat source. Using simple cooking methods can recapture the real flavour and excitement of enjoying food outdoors. 

Look ahead to spring with one of our firepits as the days grow a bit longer and spirits lift.  Why not stay outside a little longer enjoying the colours and scents of the new season, while you cook something simple on your new stone firepit with a few good friends?

Recreate the simplicity of cooking in the wild, with durable materials to enable the whole family to enjoy the experience for years to come. 

‘Our firepit… is very stylish and practical… easy to assemble too.  Thank you for making your products.’ Mr & Mrs. C, Surrey.


Ivor Scott in Berwick upon Tweed, Northumberland, UK on Houzz