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“Lithic: Consisting of or relating to stone or rockFire: the process of combustion producing heat.”

Lithic Fire is a trading name of Lithic CIC. The Directors, Ivor Scott and Eve Studd, have between them more than 30 years of experience in traditional stonework and horticulture. With this heritage we know what works in a garden. We also enjoy outdoor cooking in our own garden!

Lithic Fire brings together the best traditional skills and modern elegant design to provide the finest outdoor living products for you to enjoy.

Based in the north of England, we regularly deliver firepits to customers all over the UK. As a dry stone waller, Ivor has huge experience of working with many different stone types and with this experience can advise you about natural stone from quarries all over the UK. If you are thinking of using your own stone or other materials, please email or call for advice, we are always happy to help.



‘It’s absolutely brilliant, works perfectly and is a cracking centre piece.’ J. F. Swindon