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Gas Firepit

Lithic Fire is pleased to offer a gas powered firepit for a clean convenient alternative to our wood and charcoal fuelled models.  Our distinctive ‘Cheviot’ design looks effortlessly good in any situation and is very quick and easy to use, giving you controllable warmth at the push of a button.  20161108_123745

For your extra peace of mind, the gas burner is made in the UK and is CE certified for safe UK operation, using either a bottled supply or permanently connected to mains gas.

CE Approval is mandatory for ALL gas appliances in the UK and Europe.  It means the products have been tested and approved by a government controlled test facility to ensure they are safe, and conform to European standards.  The burners are also audited regularly to ensure compliance.

The gas burner produces flames in a star pattern, that concentrate the flames towards the centre, thereby producing a very bright and natural looking flame.  It offers the following features:

  • Push button piezo ignition system
  • Flame failure safety device
  • Variable gas valve
  • Lava Rock to cover the burner
  • 4mtr LPG hose and clips (LPG Model only)
  • Produces 18kw of heat

The ‘Cheviot’ firepit is designed for easy self assembly with our instructions, however it is very important that you contact us for correct technical advice when making your choice of gas supply before your design is finalised or work started.